About Me

I have worked as a ballet teacher for many years and have always loved to keep up to date, improving and opening my teaching to new ideas; creating an artistic, healthy and safe environment.

Before I came to the UK from my native Italy, I was concentrating on choreography and performance in shows. When I came to England to study at the Royal Academy of Dance to become a ballet teacher I stopped my usual 6 days a week training to concentrate on theory which led to a back injury.

This is when I discovered the Pilates method. Pilates offers an excellent way to develop a strong core, sculpted legs and thighs, toned and trimmed arms, providing good posture, poise, flexibility, and strong ankles and feet, all of which are essential for dancers but hugely beneficial for everyone.

Having realised the benefit for myself, I decided to use that knowledge and experience to help people to improve their overall body posture, strength and flexibility and learn to develop focus and conscious control of each body movement thereby restoring flexibility or recovery from injury.

Having completed a Pilates Foundation Comprehensive Teacher Training Course and a Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, I have combined my dance training with the study of Pilates to offer all the benefits to you.

Regardless of your age and life background, through a detailed approach I ensure each programme is designed for individual client’s abilities and needs. I draw upon my movement background to add an imaginative and balanced approach, creating safe, effective and enjoyable lessons.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” – Joseph Pilates